Strategic cooperation

XinXinJie detection in recent years participated in the detection of the SongZe elevated west extension project 1 standard (K7-K13), SongZe elevated west extension project 3 standard (K13 to K19), SAIC Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd. MEB plant auxiliary facilities supporting projects, Shanghai western suburbs of the International Agricultural Products Trade Center reconstruction and expansion of the first phase of the project, the new construction of JiaDing Administrative Service Center, Tilanqiao street HK324-01 plot Comprehensive development project, Quay Quarter Tower, FuKushimaFukkou Hirono IGCC, Sovereign Resort Expansion, Little National Hotel (LNH) Project, and a large number of domestic and international key engineering projects, the inspection field covers bridges, High-rise buildings, light and heavy steel plants, water conservancy pipelines, mechanical equipment, etc. Our professional services have been well received by our clients.

Create Business - Win Business Opportunities - Develop Together - Succeed Together 

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Partner's rights and interests

1. Become the exclusive strategic partner of the contracted area.

2.Share Xinxinjie platform, brand, exclusive patents, nationally recognized qualifications, and other intellectual property resources.

3.Enjoy Xinxinjie testing expert team, high-end cutting-edge testing equipment to provide technical services, and network promotion and other services.

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Partner's main work   

Sign business cooperation in the contracted area and promote the testing service work.1

Develop the testing business market in the contracted area.2

Maintain Xinxinjie testing brand image.3

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Recruitment requirements (nationwide recruitment)

1. Have a certain understanding of the testing industry and full of interest, have a certain amount of resources and contacts in the local channels.

2. Have entrepreneurial passion, the courage to take responsibility, integrity-based, strong sense of responsibility and other good moral qualities.

3.Identify with the company's management philosophy, accept the company's system, and the company's development ideas fit.
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Xinxinjie Introduction

XinXinJie testing is a professional steel structure inspection and testing organization. Main business are: steel structure inspection (non-destructive, mechanical, chemical complete set of testing technology), metal roofing anti-wind uncovering detection, welding process evaluation, component health monitoring, housing quality testing and many other quality testing business, for government agencies, design, construction units to provide scientific decision-making basis, technical advice and solutions.

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XinXinJie detection had with China Shipbuilding Industry Group, China Third Construction Engineering Bureau, China Metallurgical Group, Baoye Group, China Commercial Aviation Group, Shanghai Construction Engineering Group, China GuangDong Nuclear Power Group, HongLu Steel Structure Group, FuHuang Steel Structure and so on the well-known enterprises to reach a strategic cooperative relationship, and unanimously obtain the recognition of the recognized good reputation.

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Xinxinjie is a high-tech enterprise, Shanghai annual 'specializing in special new' enterprises, with a number of nationally recognized qualification certificates. Since its establishment, the company has been in the 'national key support for high-tech fields' to carry out continuous research and development and technology achievement transformation, the formation of the company's core independent intellectual property rights. In the future, XinXinJie test will adhere to the development road of independent innovation and continuous innovation, stimulate the enthusiasm of independent innovation, and improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation.

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If you are in the testing industry

If you have a wealth of resources and contacts

If you are interested in the testing industry

If you are optimistic about the development of the industry

Please join us, and work together to win-win cooperation!