Torsion Shear Bolt Inspection

Torsion-shear high strength bolts are high-strength fasteners that are characterized by torsion-shear fracture. The primary function of the Torsion Shear High Strength Bolt is to provide a high-strength connection and to maintain the stability of the connection under changes in centrifugal forces and loads during the connection.

Torsion Shear Bolt Inspection

There are many types of twisted shear high strength bolts, which have different specifications and models according to different usage scenarios and needs. Generally speaking, the materials of twisted shear high strength bolts need to undergo special treatment to improve the strength and durability of the bolts. In addition, the surface of the bolt should be well treated with anti-corrosion treatment to prevent the bolt from being affected by corrosion and losing its strength in the process of use.

Torsion shear high strength bolts connecting vice conventional test items are: bolt wedge load, nut guarantee load, connecting vice fastening axial force, nut hardness, washer hardness, bolt physical wedge load test, connecting fastening axial force, ultrasonic flaw detection, hardness test of the core, tensile load, bolt physical wedge load test.

Torsion Shear Bolt Inspection

Torsion-shear high strength bolts are used in a wide range of fields, including steel structure, aviation, ships, bridges, automobiles, machinery and other fields. In these fields, torsion shear high strength bolts play a vital role. When using torsion shear high strength bolts, the following points need to be noted:

1, the material and specifications of the bolt must be in line with the actual application requirements, can not be mixed with different specifications and materials of the bolt;

2, in screwing to tighten in accordance with the specified torque value, too large or too small torque will have an adverse effect on the use of bolts;

3, screwing and loading process to use special torque wrenches, and should pay attention to the calibration and adjustment of the wrench;

4, in the process of use regularly check the bolt fastening status and surface condition, to ensure the reliability and safety of the connection.

When selecting torque shear high strength bolts, the selection should be made according to the actual application. If the load to be connected is large, it is necessary to choose the twisted shear type high strength bolts to ensure the stability and reliability of the connection. In addition, it is also necessary to select the appropriate bolt material and anti-corrosion treatment method according to the temperature, humidity, acidity and alkalinity of the environment.

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