Housing Structure Inspection

Housing structure inspection is one of the main methods of housing safety inspection and appraisal work, which requires the sampling of the housing construction site, after the testing of the samples collected at the scene and the data obtained after the national regulations for comparison, reference to the data obtained from the comparison of the safety of the house and the evaluation of the quality and performance.

Housing Structure Inspection

Housing structure inspection mainly includes two aspects, inspection and testing. Inspection refers to the form of visual observation by inspectors, such as whether there is any leakage of reinforcing bars in concrete beams; while testing is a discrimination that needs to be carried out with the help of a series of instruments, chemical tests, etc., which is more inclined to quantitative identification.

Housing structure testing and appraisal refers to testing and evaluating the structure of a house to determine whether it complies with building design codes and safety standards, as well as whether there are structural defects and potential safety hazards. The house structure inspection and appraisal usually includes the following contents:

1, inspecting the quality and integrity of the house's foundation, walls, roof, floor slabs and other structural components.

2、Testing the quality and strength of the structural materials of the house, such as reinforcing steel, concrete, bricks and so on.

3、Test whether the structural design of the house complies with the codes and standards, such as whether there are structural defects and safety hazards.

4、Evaluate the structure of the house to determine its service life and safety performance.

5、Propose suggestions for structural remodeling and repair of the house to ensure the safety and stability of the house.

Housing Structure Inspection

The house building will also be damaged by natural conditions, man-made management and other factors after it is put into use, among which concrete cracks, corrosion of steel reinforcement, structural water seepage, structural deformation and defective connection parts are relatively common, and most of these problems involve the structure. It is important to know that the housing structure is equivalent to a framework that supports and transmits the load of the housing building itself, and once damaged, the structural function will be reduced, seriously threatening people's lives and property safety. Therefore, it is a very meaningful work to test and appraise the structure of the house building to ensure the safety of the house building.

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