Pre-lease home quality inspection

Pre-rental housing quality inspection using certain technical means and methods, through the existing housing quality (rather than the quality of the project under construction), especially the structural quality of the inspection and determination, the implementation of dynamic monitoring, in order to play a safeguard the safety of people's lives and property, and to promote the full and rational use of existing housing resources to ensure the stability of the community, and therefore has a huge social and economic benefits. Pre-rental housing quality inspection by qualified testing units to test the quality of housing, assessment, and the process of issuing reports.

Pre-lease home quality inspection

First, the scope of application of quality inspection:

Housing quality inspection work includes the internal structure of the house inspection and façade settlement and tilt detection, of course, the causes of housing quality problems are diversified, such as housing design, housing construction, housing construction process, such as the performance of materials and other factors. Has been built to use the house for some reason and not be able to handle the house a complete set of completion and acceptance procedures, or housing, although the original information is complete, due to certain factors on the part of the owners of both housing is not accepted by the competent authorities that are sold to the outside world that is to be delivered to the use of the house.

This kind of housing without housing acceptance of completion of the housing has been delivered for use, but later for the proof of ownership of housing that is the real estate license or need to be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the relevant units of the entire housing structure for housing safety testing and appraisal, the submission of housing structural safety inspection report, proving that the use of housing without structural safety hazards, through the issuance of the real estate license. Therefore, this kind of house needs to be tested and appraised for the certificate of property ownership.

Pre-lease home quality inspection

Second, the quality testing program:

The type of housing quality inspection has a variety of categories, such as housing safety appraisal, housing quality inspection, housing inspection, housing quality inspection around the pit site, plant inspection and so on. In addition to the overall safety testing and appraisal of housing content, the main structure of the project quality inspection is necessary, for example: housing concrete reinforcing steel reinforcement testing and inspection, such as the location of reinforcing steel in the housing structure, the spacing of reinforcing steel, the distribution of reinforcing steel, the size of reinforcing steel, reinforcing steel strength, etc., the main body of the structure of the building components such as structural beams and structural columns of the smoothness, perpendicularity, surface defects in the components, such as the structural damage to the housing structure. Hidden problems that need to be measured by housing inspection instruments.

Because the original house such as architectural drawings and structural drawings are not flush with the need for housing inspection agencies need to test the house for the necessary drawings mapping, and then through the building integrity testing, structural integrity testing, decoration materials testing, housing settlement testing, housing tilt detection, the formation of a complete set of housing quality inspection of the original data, through the housing structure loaded by the force of the calculations and analysis of the final assessment of the quality of the safety of the house. Whether the condition meets the specification requirements.

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