Protection of building quality inspection

Excellent historical building inspection content:

(1) Specialized testing of outstanding historical buildings, including testing of the materiality of the house structure, investigation of the main material types and processes, testing of termite hazardous conditions and energy-saving assessment.

(2) Material performance testing of main materials is the testing done on stone, glass and other characteristic and typical materials, before original restoration, to determine their components, origins, material performance and so on through sampling test, chemical composition analysis and other methods; X diffraction analysis, chemical composition analysis, scanning electron microscopy, chromatographic analysis and so on are used.

(3) Testing of the performance of outstanding historical building materials and investigation of the construction process, which may include the type of exterior wall stone, bonding process, exterior wall plaster composition, construction process.

Protection of building quality inspection

(4) Excellent historical building material performance test in addition to the conventional material property test, according to the type of exterior wall stone, paste the form of gray joints of the process, the composition of the exterior wall plaster, construction technology, stone ballast class finish composition, construction technology and other content.

(5) Excellent historical building material testing in addition to conventional material testing, according to the repair needs can also be required to carry out the gross structure of the external wall map water absorption coefficient test, infrared thermal image of the external wall material testing, materials, harmful salt analysis, and so on.

(6) Housing structure inspection, especially for termite hazardous condition in wooden structure housing inspection:

1. On-site investigation of the degree and scope of termite damage.

2. Conclusion of termite hazardous condition.

3. Termite prevention and control program.

Protection of building quality inspection

(7) The content of energy conservation pre-assessment work for houses of outstanding historical buildings:

1. Investigation of building envelope construction characteristics and thermal performance, ventilation conditions, energy efficiency of energy-using equipment and systems, and building energy consumption bill.

2. Simulated trade-off calculation of building energy consumption.

3、Building energy consumption related testing and analysis.

4、In conjunction with the requirements for the protection of outstanding historical buildings, repair objectives and principles, repair content, energy-saving potential analysis, and proposals for the implementation of energy-saving measures compatible with the repair measures.

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