Seismic testing of factory buildings

In recent years, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters have occurred in our country, to people's lives and the economy has brought a great impact, so in the construction of housing, seismic aspects of the disaster more and more people's attention to do a good job of detecting and preventing accidents to bring great harm to people. So, the plant seismic testing mainly includes those aspects?

Seismic testing of factory buildings

First, understand the plant's housing address survey, including the plant's as-built drawings and in the acceptance of the project when signing the documents and other information, and at the same time to carry out the project's address survey.

Second, to the foundation and load-bearing structure of the plant and other aspects of the inspection and records, for the enclosure of the structure if there is damage, to record the damaged parts, scope and extent.

Third, for the structural arrangement of the plant, structural characteristics of the investigation and analysis, and at the same time to review the seismic load bearing capacity of the plant.

Fourth, the overall seismic capacity of the plant at this stage of the analysis, and make, if found to be not in line with the seismic requirements of the aspects, in accordance with the actual situation and technical standards to make the necessary seismic reinforcement measures, the development of effective seismic mitigation countermeasures, assortment to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Fifth, for the remodeling and plant, in accordance with the 'building seismic design code', re-conduct seismic capacity testing.

Seismic testing of factories, whether for the factory itself or for the workers, is an important aspect of its protection of life and property safety, must not be sloppy.

Seismic testing of factory buildings

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