Factory Remodeling Inspection

When the plant needs to be remodeled, the functional structure of the plant will be changed, then you need to do a test appraisal work on the plant. Whether the plant is before or after the transformation, this is the need to do plant safety testing and plant seismic testing, before the transformation, the need for the structure and bearing capacity of the plant to re-examine and modeling calculations and other work, in order to transform the project, the program to provide data to support and provide advice, after the transformation, the need to transform the current situation of the plant and the drawings to review and acceptance, in order to ensure that the quality of the plant after the transformation and the plant after the need to run a certificate. After remodeling, it is necessary to review and accept the current situation and drawings of the plant transformation to ensure the quality of the plant after transformation and the need for plant license. Plant transformation before and after the need for testing and identification within the special nature of the plant, plant strength testing is mainly divided into plant safety testing and plant seismic testing.

Factory Remodeling Inspection

Plant safety inspection is and important a test content, plant safety inspection refers to the investigation, on-site inspection, structural analysis and calculation, the plant testing and identification, mainly applicable to the plant has been found to be hidden safety hazards, signs of danger or other need to assess the safety level. Plant in the reinforcement of remodeling, safety is very important, because plant remodeling will involve the structure of the plant, the structure of the function has changed, only after the safety inspection to know the plant's existing safety conditions.

The demand for factory buildings is growing. A large number of factory buildings have appeared in many cities, and the types of use of factory buildings are different. In the past, factory buildings were used for industrial purposes, but nowadays the function of the use of factory buildings has changed, and factory buildings have become office buildings, shopping malls, and more and more examples. Regardless of the type of use a factory belongs to, it is necessary to carry out a quality test before use in order to grasp whether the quality of the factory passes the quality test in order to meet the requirements of use and safety. Is it necessary to carry out inspection before reinforcing and reconstructing a factory building?

Factory Remodeling Inspection

Plant reinforcement must be inspected before remodeling to understand the current status of the plant, which is conducive to the reinforcement of the plant after. Plant reinforcement inspection is to check the current situation of the plant before the plant reinforcement project. Through the form of the report, it directly reflects the main structural safety of the reinforced plant, and provides comprehensive and professional reinforcement recommendations for the future plant reinforcement project, which ensures the smooth progress of the 'Technical Regulations for Plant Safety'. Post-reinforcement works.

Before and after the plant reinforcement and transformation, the plant must be safety testing and seismic testing. Plant safety inspection refers to the identification of plant safety through investigation, on-site inspection, structural analysis and calculation. It is mainly applicable to factories where potential safety hazards have been identified and where hazard signs or other safety levels need to be identified. Seismic inspection of plants usually involves checking the structural arrangement and loading conditions, material performance testing, crack damage testing, and on-site settlement and deformation measurements. The safety of the structure is evaluated through structural checking and analysis, and the necessary reinforcement recommendations are made.

Reinforcement and remodeling of a plant is not a simple matter, which will involve the original structural problems of the plant. Factory building renovation may involve many reasons such as factory building reinforcement, factory building construction, change of use function, etc., which requires testing of all kinds of factory buildings, including damage testing, safety testing, and so on. Detection of changes in the structure and use function of factory buildings, seismic testing of factory buildings, etc. is a more complex and rigorous system. The serious and scientific testing process ensures the feasibility of factory reinforcement and transformation.

Through the relevant means of factory building inspection, we can judge the current situation of the factory building, make a comprehensive assessment of the safety and quality of the factory building, ensure the long-term good operation of the factory building, and provide safety guarantee for the factory building in the inspection. And issue a comprehensive plant inspection report and strengthen the plant construction recommendations and plans. Before and after the plant strengthening and remodeling, should do a good job of testing. One is for the quality of plant strengthening and remodeling, and the other is to ensure the safety of plant strengthening and remodeling to ensure that the subsequent use will not cause problems.

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