Factory Safety Inspection

With the development of modern industry and rapid economic development, the service life of many factory buildings is getting longer and longer, and their components are aging and damaged to different degrees. In order to ensure the structural safety of plant buildings, it is necessary to carry out structural safety appraisal of industrial plants, through the site inspection content, structural bearing capacity calculation, appraisal ratings, treatment opinions, etc. to assess the safety level of the house, in order to better prevent the occurrence of potential safety accidents.

Factory building structural safety testing and appraisal work is carried out in accordance with a complete process, the safety of each structure to better ensure the overall safety of the building. If the beams, columns and other structural components have a can not withstand the pressure from the floor, once after a long period of accumulation will lead to the collapse of the beams, columns, the use of the plant is also unsafe.

Factory Safety Inspection

1. Investigating information on housing construction. Including: consulting engineering geological survey reports, design drawings, construction records, project completion and acceptance data, as well as other relevant information that can reflect the construction of the house.

2、Investigate the history of the house. Including: the use of the situation, inspection and testing, maintenance, reinforcement, remodeling, change of use, change of conditions of use and disaster damage and repair.

3, check and verify the consistency of the housing entity and drawings (text) information records.

4、Checking the structural arrangement and structural connection of the house and the structural system.

5、Check and measure the tilt and uneven settlement of the house.

6、Investigate the current status of the house. Including: the actual condition of the building, use, internal and external environment, as well as the current problems.

7、Investigate the future use requirements of the house. Including: the target period of use of the house, the use of conditions, internal and external environmental role, and so on.

8, sampling or full inspection and measurement of load-bearing structures or components of cracks, displacement, deformation or corrosion, aging and other damage, using text, drawings, photographs or video and other methods to record the main structure of the house and load-bearing components of the damaged parts, scope and extent and nature of the damage;.

9、According to the needs of structural load-bearing capacity check, sample check the mechanical properties of structural materials, if necessary, can test the structure of the load or role, should be supplemented by the investigation of engineering geology;.

10, if necessary, through the load test to check the actual bearing performance of the structure or component, when there is a large dynamic load should test the structure or component of the dynamic reflection and dynamic performance.

Factory Safety Inspection

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