Dynamic wind resistance test of metal roofs

Dynamic wind load test for metal roof

Dynamic wind load testing device should be composed of test box, wind pressure to provide devices, control 

equipment and measurement devices, the test box is not less than 3.5mX7.0m, should be able to withstand 

a pressure difference of at least 20kPa.

 Dynamic testing device: (1) the upper pressure box (2) test pieces and installation framework (3) the lower 

pressure box, a pressure measurement device (4) look at the pressure control device (5) view of the wind 

supply equipment, a displacement measurement device (6) collector (7) view the observation window

Dynamic wind resistance test of metal roofs

Dynamic wind exposure test for metal roofs

Testing steps:

1) Start from 0 and pressurize to 0.7kPa at 0.07kPa/s loading rate.

(2) Load to the specified pressure level and hold the pressure for 60s to check whether the specimen shows 

damage or failure.

3)Remove air to depressurize back to zero position and check whether the specimen shows any damage 

or failure.

(4) Repeat the above steps, with each level of 0.7kPa increments as the next pressure level, each pressure 

level should be maintained at the pressure for 60s, and then remove the air pressure to return to zero, and 

again check whether the specimen damage or failure.

(5) Repeat the test procedure until the specimen damage or failure, stop the test and record the damage 

before a pressure value.

  One of the following conditions should be judged as damage or failure of the test piece, damage or 

failure of the previous pressure value should be the wind uncovered pressure value Wu.

  (1) The test piece can not maintain the overall integrity of the board surface rupture, cracking, cracking, 

fracture of the first level of identification of fixed parts of the dislodgement.

  2) The board surface is torn or lifted up and the board surface connection is damaged; 3) The fixed parts 

are detached, separated or loose.

  4) Fracture, separation or destruction of fixed parts.

  (5) Damage or failure of specimen affecting the use function (such as permanent deformation affecting 

the use function, etc.).

  (6) The design of other damage or failure.

    Qualified judgment of the test results should be consistent with the following provisions:

  K = Wu/Ws ≥ 2.0

  K - wind uncovering coefficient

  Wu - wind uncovering pressure value

  Ws--Wind load standard value

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