Static wind resistance test of metal roofs

Metal Roofing Static Wind Reveal Test

With the development of metal roofing system nowadays, people have higher and higher requirements for 

the quality and reliability of the building, so whether it is a new, re-built or already built metal roofing building, 

it should be tested for wind resistance performance.

The purpose of doing the experiment is to verify the wind resistance of the roofing system, to detect the wind 

load resistance of the metal roof, to verify the wind resistance of the system, to provide a basis for the reliability 

of the building, and also to provide a guarantee for the safety of the building.

Static wind resistance test of metal roofs

Static testing of metal roofs

The test shall meet the following provisions:

1、Metal roofing system shall include metal roof panel, base plate, support, thermal insulation, purlin, 

bracket, fasteners and so on.

2、Metal roofing system resistance to wind uncovering performance testing should be used laboratory 

simulation of static and dynamic pressure loading method.

3, for strong (Taiwan) wind area (basic wind pressure ≥ 05kN/m²) of the metal roof and design requirements 

for dynamic wind load testing of the building metal roof should be used dynamic wind load testing.

4, metal roofing system wind performance testing should be selected representative of the typical parts of 

the metal roof for testing, the roofing system to be tested in the materials, components processing, installation 

and construction quality should be consistent with the actual project, and should meet the design requirements 

and in line with the calibration of the corresponding technical standards.

5、The wind load standard value of typical parts of metal roof shall be given by the design unit, and the testing 

unit shall test according to the wind load standard value given by the design unit.

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