Home Safety Inspection

Home safety inspection is a testing program in which a specialized agency makes a scientific assessment of the safety of a home to ensure the safety of the lives and property of the occupants. Generally speaking, housing safety inspection applies to the houses which have been found to have hidden safety hazards, signs of danger or other needs to assess the safety level. Housing safety inspection should be through the investigation, on-site testing, structural analysis and calculation, the safety of housing identification. Housing safety inspection, in addition to conforming to the relevant regulations, includes some or all of the following contents in response to the need for inspection:

Home Safety Inspection

1. Investigating the current status of the house, including: investigating the actual condition of the building, its utilization, the internal and external environment, and the problems that currently exist;

2、Investigate the requirements for the future use of the house, including: investigation of the target period of use of the house, the conditions of use, the role of the internal and external environment;

3、Sampling or full inspection and measurement of cracks, displacement, deformation or corrosion, aging and other damages of load-bearing structure or components, and record the damaged parts, scope, degree and nature of damage to the main structure of the house and load-bearing components by means of text, graph paper, photographs or videos;

4、According to the needs of structural load-bearing capacity calculation, sample testing of the mechanical properties of structural materials;

5. The load or action on the structure shall be detected when necessary;

6. Supplementary investigation of engineering geology shall be carried out if necessary;

7. The actual load-bearing performance of the structure or members may be examined by load test if necessary;

8. The dynamic response and dynamic properties of the structure or member shall be tested when there is a large dynamic load.

Home Safety Inspection

The safety of housing should be based on the results of on-site testing of housing and structural analysis of the results of a comprehensive analysis and evaluation, the test conclusion of dangerous housing or partially dangerous housing test report shall be required to submit to the competent authority of the housing inspection for validation.

Housing safety inspection applies to the building before overhaul; before changing the use or conditions of use and before remodeling, alteration or expansion; to reach the design life to continue to use; suffered a disaster or accident, there are more serious safety hazards, the competent administrative departments (such as the Board of Education, Civil Affairs Bureau) require the provision of housing safety appraisal report of the project.

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