House Seismic Testing

Seismic testing of houses, also known as seismic appraisal of houses and seismic capacity testing of houses, evaluates the magnitude of earthquakes that a house can withstand. In the process of remodeling or reconstruction of the house, such as structural changes, changes in the use of functional changes and changes that affect the seismic performance of the house, should be carried out in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and norms of the seismic identification of the house, in order to assess the house in the local provisions of the intensity of the seismic effect of the house to see the safety of the testing and identification process.

House Seismic Testing

House seismic appraisal test content:

1.Investigate the use history and structural system of the house.

2、Measure the tilt and uneven settlement of the house.

3、Use of text, drawings, photos, video and other methods to record the location, scope and degree of damage to the main structure and load-bearing components of the house.

4、The testing items of mechanical properties of housing structure materials shall be determined according to the needs of structural bearing capacity checking.

5、According to the characteristics of the housing structure, establish the calculation model if necessary, and calculate the safety reserve of the housing structure according to the actual situation of the force performance and use load of the housing structure, and according to the current specification.

6. Analyze the causes of damage to the house.

7. Comprehensively judge the damage condition of the housing structure and determine the degree of danger of the housing.

House Seismic Testing

The scope of application of seismic appraisal of houses:

1、Buildings that are close to or exceed the design service life and need to continue to be used.

2、Buildings whose original design does not consider seismic defense or whose seismic defense requirements have been increased.

3. Buildings that need to change the use of the structure and the environment of use.

4. Other buildings where seismic appraisal is necessary.

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