Plant Usability Assessment

The appraisal of factory buildings includes both external and internal appraisals. External appraisal mainly refers to the analysis of factors such as geographical location, transportation, market, supply and demand, etc., so as to determine the market price of the plant. Internal appraisal refers to the evaluation of the building, land, equipment, personnel and financial aspects of the plant in order to determine its intrinsic value.

The steps of plant appraisal include: determining the purpose of the appraisal, determining the appraisal criteria, surveying the site, reviewing the information, conducting the analysis and processing the results. The appraiser needs to conduct a detailed survey and analysis of all aspects of the plant, and then weigh them to give the final appraisal result.

Plant Usability Assessment

Scope of plant building usability assessment testing:

1, Investigate the usage history and structural system of the plant building;

2, using text, drawings, photographs or video and other methods to record the main structure of the plant building and load-bearing components;

3, the testing items of the mechanical properties of the plant structure materials shall be determined according to the needs of the structural bearing capacity check;

4, if necessary, according to the characteristics of the plant structure, the establishment of the calculation model, according to the mechanical properties of the housing structure materials and the use of the actual condition of the load, according to the current specification calculation of the safety reserves of the plant structure;

5、According to the test results, national norms and the use of the building for the structural stress analysis and bearing capacity checking, comprehensively judge the current status of the plant structure and determine the load-bearing capacity of the plant and the degree of safety of the plant.

Plant Usability Assessment

The main basis for plant evaluation:

1、Code for Quality Acceptance of Construction of Steel Structure Project (GB50205-2001)

2, Technical Standard for On-site Inspection of Steel Structure (GB/T 50621-2010)

3, Technical Standard for Building Structure Inspection (GB/T50344-2019)

4、Code for Deformation Measurement of Buildings (JGJ8-2016)

5, other relevant technical specifications, national and local testing management regulations and related information.

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