Housing Reliability Testing

Reliability appraisal refers to the ability of a housing structure to fulfill its intended functions within a specified period of time and under specified conditions, and the intended functions of the structure include safety, suitability and durability of the structure. Reliability appraisal of housing is to understand the current reliability of housing and the existing quality of housing structure and other related technical parameters, for subsequent renovation and remodeling, strengthening and maintenance to provide scientific data support.

Before reinforcing and remodeling a building, it is necessary to carry out safety and normal usability appraisal of the foundation, upper load-bearing structure and enclosure system according to the relevant national norms, and then comprehensively carry out reliability appraisal of the building and put forward the reliability appraisal conclusions and recommendations.

Housing Reliability Testing

Housing reliability appraisal is mainly based on the 'Civil Building Reliability Appraisal Standards', 'Industrial Building Reliability Appraisal Standards', etc., the level of appraisal division:

1, 'Civil Building Reliability Appraisal Standards' by I, II, III, IV, four levels of safety and reliability of housing assessment.

2, 'Industrial Building Reliability Appraisal Standards' by one, two, three, four, four levels of safety and reliability of the housing assessment.

3、《Dangerous House Detection and Appraisal Standard》is based on A, B, C, D, four levels to assess the danger of the house.

4. 'Standard for Evaluation of Housing Completion Level' evaluates the degree of housing completion according to 4 levels: intact house, basic intact house, generally damaged house, and seriously damaged house.

Housing Reliability Testing

It is necessary to assess the reliability level of a house when the house is involved in the performance appraisal before or acceptance after renovation, reinforcement and reconstruction such as change of use, dismantling and modification of the structural arrangement, increase of the use load, extension of the design service life, increase of the number of floors in use, before renovation and installation of the advertising screen, etc., and when there are questions about the quality of the main body of work of the house, the structural safety, durability of the components, and the usability of the house.

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