Home Remodeling Inspection

Home remodeling inspection is to check the overall safety condition of the house after remodeling, which involves material strength inspection, steel reinforcement configuration inspection, building deformation inspection, crack inspection and other inspections. For any housing construction, in addition to the safety of the construction quality, whether its materials are in line with the use of safety is also very important, but also need to consider the use of housing in the process of its structural deterioration is in line with the requirements of the safety of housing use.

Home Remodeling Inspection

For existing houses to change the use of housing and renovation, need to know in advance to transform the structure of the house can meet the requirements of the transformed bearing capacity, that is to say, the need to carry out the feasibility of the transformation of the current state of the house appraisal. Existing houses to change the use of housing or renovation, there may be a floor backfill brick slag, local additions to the partition wall, the original wall to open doors and windows, increase the use of housing loads, etc., these projects are to understand the appraisal of the region of the beams, panels and walls, and other components to meet the requirements of the transformation.

Home Remodeling Inspection

What quality and safety inspection projects need to be done after house remodeling

1、Housing seismic grade appraisal testing

After house remodeling, the use of different houses will change, and the seismic grade will also change. The original seismic capacity may not be able to compare with the current seismic housing. House seismic grade appraisal refers to the process of evaluating the safety of houses under a certain degree of seismic effects according to certain seismic defense requirements, and ultimately classifying the seismic grade of houses and buildings according to the evaluation situation.

2、Safety of building structure

In order to prevent structural collapse, it is also an important quality standard for measuring structural engineering. Housing safety inspection generally requires on-site review of the structural layout, loading, material performance testing, crack damage detection, etc., analyzed by structural calculations, measurement of settlement deformation, assessment of structural safety, and put forward a number of feasible reinforcement proposals.

3、House Strength Test

Housing safety inspection and housing seismic testing refers to the investigation, on-site inspection, structural analysis and calculation, etc. Identification of housing safety is mainly applicable to the signs of danger or other houses that have been found to have hidden safety hazards and need to be assessed for safety level.

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