Is the third-party roof photovoltaic load-bearing testing institution reliable? How to choose?





In recent years, the development speed of solar photovoltaic equipment in China has been very fast, and its application has been quite extensive. To ensure the safety of solar photovoltaic equipment application, it is very important to do a good job in roof photovoltaic load-bearing testing. At present, there are many third-party testing institutions on the market, and the reliability of these institutions is also of great concern to everyone. After all, the testing results directly affect one's own interests and safety. Below, let's talk about how to choose these third-party testing institutions correctly.

1、 Qualification of verification institutions

Overall, most third-party testing institutions are reliable, but it cannot be ruled out that some non compliant institutions exist. It is better to be cautious when choosing. Firstly, it is very important to verify the qualification certificates of relevant institutions. Formal testing institutions have construction project quality testing qualification certificates issued by relevant departments. Before cooperation, the other party can provide relevant certificates. After confirming that the certificates are correct, it is necessary to decide whether to cooperate.


2、 Understand the cases of testing institutions

There are many third-party roof photovoltaic load-bearing testing institutions that can be easily found online, but there are still some differences in the service quality and fee standards of each institution. Before choosing these institutions, you can learn about the engineering cases tested by the other party to see if the relevant projects have sufficient weight and if the testing results meet the corresponding requirements. Understanding the cases of testing institutions can provide a more intuitive understanding of their position in the industry.

3、 Understand the industry reputation of testing institutions

In the case of not knowing which testing institution is more reliable, it can also be judged through word-of-mouth evaluation. If it is a relatively formal and reliable testing institution, its reputation evaluation in the industry is definitely good, it can be recognized by the majority of customers, and will receive some relevant honor certificates. For those who are not familiar with this industry, judging through word-of-mouth evaluation is a good choice.


Roof photovoltaic load-bearing testing is of great significance and relates to the safety of the entire engineering building. When selecting relevant testing institutions, it is necessary to be cautious and not blindly choose.