What are the contents of steel structure factory building inspection?





Technicians use advanced technology to apply steel structures to building construction based on the characteristics of the building structure. Not only does it effectively avoid the problems caused by traditional structures, but it also has stronger stability. The key point of its application is to strictly test steel materials to ensure the excellent performance of building materials. So, what are the main contents of steel structure factory building inspection?

1、 Testing the deflection of roof trusses in building steel structures

In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results during the inspection of steel structure factory buildings, it is necessary to ensure that the steel wire is not pulled off, providing a certain possibility for the measurement work. It should be noted that the corresponding data information should be recorded during the measurement process, as steel structures may experience reverse arch problems. After making sufficient preparations, the deflection of the roof truss should be measured, taking into account the positive and negative values of the measurement results to reduce errors. And in the actual monitoring process, it is necessary to find corresponding fixed points to promote the accuracy and scientificity of measurement results.


2、 Testing the thickness of steel structure materials

For the thickness detection of steel structural materials, certain testing instruments should be used, such as calipers or thickness gauges. For calipers, they do not need to go through multiple tedious processes during use and are one of the commonly used tools in inspection work. However, errors are prone to occur during the measurement process. Therefore, the application range of this measuring tool is gradually narrowing. In some projects, thickness measuring instruments are mostly used for measurement. Since the production of thickness measuring instruments, they have gone through multiple stages, and their functions and usage methods have been continuously updated. Nowadays, ultrasonic thickness gauges are widely used by steel structure inspection companies.


3、 Strength, defects, and deformation (tilting) detection of steel structures

Steel structure inspection companies believe that ultrasonic and electromagnetic methods are commonly used for detecting defects in steel structures. When evaluating existing steel structures, checking the material of the steel structure is an important measurement content. The ideal method is to intercept the sample at the non main stress part of the structure and determine the corresponding strength index by Tensile testing. But this will also damage the structure, affect its normal operation, and require reinforcement. The common deformation detection is to use Total station for measurement. The Total station must be calibrated and can be used within the calibration date. If the instrument that has not been calibrated is used for measurement, the measurement result error is large, and accurate values cannot be obtained, so the measurement result is meaningless.

The above is the main content of steel structure factory inspection, hoping to help everyone better understand this business, and at the same time, you can choose a suitable factory inspection agency according to your own needs.