Fengxian District Youth Activity Center



The project is a comprehensive large-scale public cultural building complex, which includes five cultural venues and supporting service facilities such as the Workers' Palace of Culture in Fengxian District, the Fengxian District Cultural Center, the Fengxian District Youth Activity Center, the Women and Children Development Guidance Center, the Comprehensive Service Activity Center for the Disabled, and the supporting parking garage. It will be an important activity place for citizens in Fengxian District in the future. After completion, the total construction area is approximately 94000 square meters, including four floors above ground and a construction area of approximately 65000 square meters; The underground floor has a construction area of approximately 29000 square meters.

Entrusted by Fengxian District Education Bureau, our company is responsible for the relevant inspection of the steel structure raw materials and on-site welds.