HK324-01, Tilanqiao Street



The plot HK324-01 of Tilanqiao Street is located in the north Bund Center area of Hongkou District. Its four boundaries are: Gongping Road in the east, Dantu Road in the west, Dongdaming Road in the south, and Dongchangzhi Road in the north. It covers a total area of 23037.2m2. The planning attributes of construction land are comprehensive business, office and culture. The planned development and construction includes a 37 story 180 meter high office tower; A 4-story podium consisting of a music theater and a themed commercial center; And a commercial district composed of Nie Er's former residence (for protective restoration) that integrates office, commercial, and cultural centers.

Our unit has been entrusted to conduct relevant inspections on the steel structure raw materials and on-site steel component welds of this project, with a total inspection quantity of 18000 tons.