Innovative production base for medical devices



Located in the Modern Medical Device Industrial Park in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Industrial East Zone, the 'East Gate' of Zhangjiang Science City, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, the site is bounded by Hengqing Road in the east, Huiqing Road in the west, Ruijing Road in the south, and Lot No. 16-1 in the north, with a total floor area of about 106,509,000 square meters, which mainly consists of six 6-storey to 10-storey steel-structured factory buildings, with a steel structure volume of about 10000 tons. The volume of steel structure is about 10,000 tons. The production base has the functions of front-end research and development, high-end manufacturing, commercial service office, talent apartment, etc. It can also meet the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry such as trial production and marketing license.

Zhangjiang Medical High-end Medical Device Innovation Production Base Project

Zhangjiang Medical Device Park is one of the earliest professional parks for medical device industry in China, carrying the important mission of realizing industrial extension and expansion, optimization and adjustment of structure and layout. High-end medical equipment innovation production base project is the first cooperation between the company and Shanghai Zhangjiang Medical Device Industry Development Co., Ltd, which is conducive to the company's further expansion of the local market in Shanghai.

XinXinJie testing bear the steel structure testing part of the project, testing projects include: welding process evaluation, welding material testing, raw material testing (tensile, bending, impact, chemical analysis), factory and on-site weld flaw detection.