Metal Roof Inspection of Xiamen Medical College Comprehensive Gymnasium Plant



Xiamen Medical College Comprehensive Gymnasium

Metal Roof Inspection of Xiamen Medical College Comprehensive Gymnasium Plant

Sample Information

The samples of metal roofing system used in the test shall be provided by the client.

The test samples shall be made of materials and components that are consistent with the actual project or function, and shall be installed on-site in the laboratory using the same structural structure and process as the project, and the connecting components and fittings used in the sample installation shall be consistent with the actual project.

Sample Size

The size of the roofing system test sample is 3.90m (width) x 7.72m (length) (roof panel size). The paralytic strip is 3.68m(length)

Test Sample

The roofing system components used in this test have the following component material types and dimensions.

Roofing system test sample composition

Galvanized Aluminum-Magnesium Roof Sheet: 0.6mm Aluminum-zinc-plated magnesium sheet YX65-430 type hidden PVDF baking paint

Plastic stripping: length 10m width 6m

Casket: 160*80*5mm Q235B

Support: aluminum alloy fixed support

Wind-resistant clip: aluminum alloy wind-resistant clip 3mm

Fastener: 5.5mm*35mm self-tapping screws 6mm*30mm stainless steel screws

Metal Roof Inspection of Xiamen Medical College Comprehensive Gymnasium Plant

Test Equipment

The roof comprehensive performance testing machine is mainly composed of spraying system and wind resistance testing device.

The spraying system is mainly composed of pipes, filters, booster pumps and nozzle systems, and the nozzle system consists of 36 nozzles to form a mesh structure. The overall size of 2.63m (width) × 2.50m (length), nozzle spacing of 300mm, the test will be fixed in the nozzle system to be tested on the surface of the roofing system, open the booster pump to the pipeline filled with water, and finally the formation of the spray shower, the overall shower volume of water is not less than 3.4L / (m2 - min).

Wind resistance test device is composed of four parts: test pressure box, fan piping, centrifugal fan and control equipment.

The test box is made of steel structural parts, divided into upper, middle and lower three independent units, the test samples are installed in the sample test frame between the upper and lower boxes, and there is a corresponding sealing structure for its sealing, in the upper box on both sides of the body is also set up four observation windows, the internal installation of lighting and camera devices.

Upper and lower boxes were independent of the wind source generating agencies in their respective boxes to generate the corresponding wind pressure simulation. Among them, the upper box can be based on the test requirements in its internal production of a certain frequency of impulse wind suction or wind pressure; lower box can also be based on the test requirements to produce a certain uniform

wind suction or, and the box are equipped with high-precision pressure acquisition equipment, the accuracy level can reach 0.05 level, can accurately measure the box body


The flat size of the test box is 3.70m×7.50m.

Test procedure

1, load loading are from the reference zero position to start uniformly loaded to all levels of load grading in the table, load loading speed is not less than 70Pa / s. When the load is loaded to the graded pressure value, open the fluctuation valve to the maximum, so that the pressure is discharged. Open the fluctuation switch, so that the specimen to 8s a fluctuation cycle work.

2, in the fluctuation process, through the box monitoring equipment to observe in the fluctuation cycle process whether there is local damage and so on. Until the end of a phase of the fluctuation cycle, through the monitoring equipment or box observation window to see whether the specimen is broken. If no problem is found, the next stage of the fluctuation cycle test is carried out.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 above to pressurize the sample with fluctuation, record and observe the sample status. If the sample appears to be broken or functionally damaged during the loading process, then the test should be terminated and the grading of the test and the load value at the time of damage should be recorded.

4, open the box, observe the sample damage pattern and record the cause of damage. If the specimen is not damaged, also need to take pictures to record.

5、Test results are shown.

Dynamic wind uncovering test: according to the standard requirements of the stage fluctuation cycle test, until the specimen damage or all stages of the experiment are cyclic end.

All phases of the test are cyclic end.