Northeast Asia International Expo Center Plant Metal Roof Inspection



Recently, Northeast Asia International Expo Center F01 plot metal roofing project (a standard section) officially started, XinXinJie quality inspection and testing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as the (a standard section) roofing system performance test testing unit.

The project is expected to be completed in 2025, with a total planned investment of about 40 billion yuan. Construction of large-scale convention and exhibition centers, hotels, commercial and other major projects. The project is located in Yongchun New District, Changchun City, the main construction of Northeast Asia International Convention and Exhibition Center, Northeast Asia International Conference Center, business office headquarters center, cultural and sports centers, leisure and entertainment shopping centers, high-tech industry R & D centers, and other 'six functional centers', is committed to becoming a new platform for regional economic and trade and cultural exchanges and exhibitions. After the completion of the center, it will become a new highland for the exhibition industry in Northeast China with a large comprehensive scale, strong carrying capacity, full supporting functions, and a new level of science and technology.

Northeast Asia International Expo Center Plant Metal Roof Inspection

This test will be carried out smoothly to guarantee the smooth progress of the project of Northeast Asia International Expo Center, and eliminate the occurrence of bad accidents such as water leakage and wind uncovering. In the future, XinXinJie quality inspection and testing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will continue to rely on advanced steel structure building enclosure system testing and consulting technology, advanced service concept, service major projects, respond to the diversified needs of customers, provide customers with enclosure system one-stop comprehensive quality solutions for the building enclosure system project escort.