Zhaoxiang Park Phase II



Shanghai Caohejing Development Zone Zhaoxiang Park is a new-generation high-tech park built by Lingang Group. It is located in the core area of Shixi Software Information Park, east to Jiasong Middle Road, west to Jiachi Road, south to Zhenzhong Road, and north to Jiaheng Road. The park has 7 plots of land planned, with construction land of about 492 acres, and a total investment of about 10 billion dollars. It can be understood from the general plan of the project of Phase II (II) of the park that the project will be composed of 14 detached offices and 1 commercial office complex in the north, which is close to Jiasongzhong Road Station of LRT Line 17.

Zhaoxiang Park Phase II

Zhaoxiang Industrial Park will introduce top 500 enterprises, national science and technology business incubators, business gas pedals, small and medium-sized enterprise service organizations in the future.

XinXinJie testing bear the steel structure testing part of the project, testing projects including welding process evaluation, welding material testing, raw material testing (tensile, bending, impact, chemical analysis), factory and on-site weld flaw detection.